Any personalised/made to order items that are ordered there are no refunds made, this is due to the nature of the item not being able to resell. 

Any non-personalised item can be returned and refunded within 30 days of sale.



Payment is required up front, and all sales must go through the website or paid via paypal / BACS. 


Memory Blankets

For the small size blanket, 1 'bag for life' full of clothes will be sufficient,


For the large 2 of these 'bags for life' will be required


What if you do not have enough clothes to finish my blanket?

If I do not have enough clothing to complete the blanket I will use corresponding fabric from my own personal stash for filling material. I will contact you if I need to do this in case you would prefer to dig out some further clothes. Any leftover material or baby clothes will be returned to yourself. If there is any particular item you 100% want in the blanket please pop this in a separate small bag or label accordingly.


Delivery & Collection Times

I have a turnaround time of 14 working days this is due to getting items from my supplier as I hold no stock at this time.